On September 22 in response to a comment at a town hall that “the thing elected officials are most afraid of is losing their seat” State Senator Loretta Weinberg said that the thing she is afraid of most is not losing her seat but failing to serve her community.

Senator Weinberg is not afraid of losing her seat because she benefits from the 30 – 60% advantage she gets from the New Jersey Ballot Line.

Since Senator Weinberg is so afraid of failing to serve the people but not losing her seat, we call upon her to introduce legislation that abolishes the Primary Ballot Line in New Jersey.

We also call on Senator Weinberg to call for hearings into the undemocratic nature of New Jersey’s Primary Ballot Line.

If Senator Weinberg is so concerned with serving the people above all else then she will champion reforming the New Jersey Ballot Line and be a true servant of the people and democracy.

Fill out the form and send Senator Weinberg an email telling her that democracy cannot wait and she needs to live up to her words about serving the people – not party bosses.