Michael Brown, 18
Tamir Rice, 12
Eric Garner, 43
Freddie Gray, 25
Philando Castile, 32
Breonna Taylor, 26
George Floyd, 46

A Black person is murdered by police.
We cry out for reform.
Nothing happens.

This is the cycle we have been in for far too long. One reason the murder of our fellow citizens at the hands of police persists is the outsized influence of Police Unions on elected officials.

Police Unions and PBA’s give hundreds of thousands of dollars to state candidates in New Jersey. The average donation by Police Unions to a New Jersey candidate in the 2020 primary cycle was over $1100.00.

It is time for massive police reform, and we will never get it while politicians answer to Police Unions and not the communities they are elected to represent. Take the pledge today not to vote for any candidate, incumbent or challenger, primary or general, who takes money from Police Unions. #NoPoliceMoney

Atatiana Jefferson, 28
Aura Rosser, 40
Stephon Clark, 22
Alton Sterling, 37
Botham Jean, 26
Janisha Fonville, 20
Tanisha Anderson, 37

and too many more


No Police Money Pledge